There is no cookie-cutter service to keeping a space clean. Every household is unique from building structure, daily routine, to personal habits. We create a secret recipe to make and keep your space as comfortable as possible.

You know you need help keeping up, but unsure of what type of clean you might need? Never had professional cleaning services so don't know what to ask for? We have services customizable to each clients' needs.

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Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Service

Between daily, weekly, monthly, & seasonal chores... housekeeping is time consuming & tedious; most people can't keep up with an orderly & clean home regularly with our busy lives! Chores get skipped occasionally, items get shoved in crevices, dust collects as we get caught up in projects demanding of immediate attention - until we realize: we've let our residence go, past what we want to accept; yet we don't have the physical / mental capacity to fix the situation. You are not alone! Let the pros help.

Standard Clean / Routine Maintenance

Frequencies: Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly

Regularly scheduled routine services where the maintenance of the Initial Deep Clean is kept up with a rotation of normal cleaning. Some deep cleaning items may need to be added onto scheduled cleans to address in problem areas.

All Rooms

  • Corners, moldings, trim, windowsills, ceiling fans, sconces, fixtures, blinds, wall hangings, lampshades, TVs & behind furniture dusted

  • Smudges in high touch areas of doors, knobs, switch plates, cabinet doors, spot wiped

  • Hard furniture lightly polished - wiping cup rings mess & smudges

  • Mirrors wiped; glass doors & lower windows spot wiped of smudges & smears

  • Upholstery vacuumed

  • Trash bins emptied & replaced can liner

  • Hard floors & area rugs vacuumed, throw rugs shaken & vacuumed; walkable part of closet floors vacuumed

  • Reachable hard floors & baseboards mopped


  • Counters, sinks, tubs, showers, drains scrubbed clean

  • Tile grout scrubbed

  • Shower/ sink fixtures polished

  • Toilets cleaned tank lid to floor, including inside bowl

  • Fresh towels (if applicable) displayed

Kitchen Areas

  • Counters & backsplashes wiped clean

  • Outside of small appliances wiped down

  • Large appliance exteriors cleaned and shined; stainless appliances polished

  • Microwave cleaned inside

  • Sinks and drains scrubbed and disinfected

  • Garbage can area cleaned


  • Beds straightened (or made if included - leave clean sheets set out on bed), throw blankets folded

Common Areas

  • Cushions & pillows straightened and fluffed, throw blankets folded

Initial / Deep Clean

Typically required before starting routine maintenance services, before events or parties, and seasonally when maintenance in areas is not quite enough.

All of the above, plus:

  • Entire doors & trim, all kitchen & bathroom cabinetry doors wiped clean

  • Vents, grates wiped (good time to replace filters)

  • Ceiling fans, fixtures within reach of ladder polished

  • Walls spot cleaned or mopped as needed

  • Railing/stair posts/spindles wiped

  • Furniture moved to clean under & behind

  • Ladder work & extension pole cleaning preformed

Short Term Rental Cleaning

Turnover cleaning and setting of home for guest rental.

Add-On & Maid Services

These upgraded deep clean tasks can be added on to regularly scheduled services.

Please let us know before your scheduled date.


Washing of dishes


Cleaning of windows

Pet Waste

Pet waste cleanup and disinfecting


Professionally organize closets, kitchen, & bathrooms

Deep Cleaning

As an add-on item

Wall Cleaning

Scrubbing, spot-cleaning, or washing of walls


Sheets and/or towels


Personal in home

Linen Washing Service

For Vacation Rentals

Inside Refrigerator

Clean and disinfect empty fridge

Inside Oven

Deep clean

Party Clean

Trash removed from house, excessive food/dishes mess

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